Thursday, July 5, 2012

Buying Silver

Everyone is looking for the best place to buy silver. There are many different places to buy silver bullion these days. You have coin shops, dealers, online merchants and even buying directly from the mint. You have to be very careful so you don't pay to much and you want to get real coins not fakes. There has been countless times people believed that they were getting a great deal on silver coins to realize they were all FAKE! So you need to find the perfect balance. You want to get a great price and you want to know that you are getting a genuine coin.

Currently silver is at a price that anyone can afford. So why wouldn't an investor take advantage of the opportunity to invest in this precious metal to safeguard his investments. Once you have determined that precious metals should be part of your portfolio, there are so many considerations before determining the best place to buy silver. I would recommend studying the type of silver that is most appealing for you to include in your investment portfolio.

There are silver coins, silver bullion bars, and old coins. For myself, I took the safe road and invested in uncirculated one ounce American eagle coins. The American Eagle is a premium silver bullion coin minted and guaranteed by the United States Government. These coins are easily stored and do not require much space. But buying silver bullion can be overwhelming. First all it is imperative to find a dealer that is trustworthy.

In my opinion the best place to buy silver is where sellers have to compete for buyers. I have gotten silver coins and bars at below spot prices.

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